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WowPot Jackpot Slots

Microgaming has been providing many quality games for the iGaming industry since 1994. To date, the company has paid out more than €1.2 billion to players on their progressive system. Mostly on its iconic Mega Moolah slot, which changed the world of progressive jackpots since it was launched in 2005.

As of recently, new Microgaming progressive jackpots arose on the market under the unique brand name WowPot. These picks drew attention quickly, and thousands of players are now playing on Microgaming’s latest new jackpot network.

Luckily for fans of Pay N Play gambling sites, WowPot jackpots are found at no registration sites too. Hence, PNP casinos made a thorough WowPot Microgaming slots review just for our readers. Keep reading to find what makes this new progressive jackpot network so special and what Pay’N Play online casinos feature the WowPot jackpots.

All About the WowPot by Microgaming

WoWPot Progressive Jackpot Slot Games
The new progressive jackpot WowPot for slot games by Microgaming.

The first time Microgaming introduced Wowpots to the public was in February 2020, with the Wheel of Wishes jackpot. Since then, it currently has four games to choose from and four prize tiers. Each game has a unique way of how you can get the jackpot. The pot keeps increasing regardless of what game you gamble on, so worry not!

What’s exciting about the new Wowpots is that the largest seeding prize pool has jumped to €2 million. Furthermore, the current seeding pot is an impressive €8.9 million. The WowPot network definitely has the best Microgaming slots since it outdid all its predecessors and reached record numbers.

More importantly for our fans, the WowPot slots are available in Pay’N Play at the best no account online casinos. Discover where you can play them below!

WowPot Microgaming Jackpot Slots

Wowpots slot games
WoWpot games offered by Microgaming: Wheel of Wishes, Sisters of Oz: WowPot, African Legends, and Book of Atem: WowPot.

Though there are four WowPot Microgaming progressive jackpots currently, the company is updating its progressive category as often as possible. The latest addition being the game African Legends released in October. We’re about to go through all the new Microgaming jackpots and tell you why they’re perfect for Pay N Play casino players.

  • Wheel of Wishes – The introductory WowPots payandplay jackpot, Wheel of Wishes has outstanding graphics and Arabian themed gameplay. It’s a five-reel slot with a Power Spins feature, which can pay your bet size ten times.
  • African Legends – African Legends is a five-reel Pay N Play slot that features a free spin bonus after hitting four or more successive rolls. On it, you can only win the major tier prize pot, but there are 243 ways to get to it. 
  • Sisters of Oz WowPot – Sisters of Oz is a fantasy-themed 5×4 paynplay slot that’s probably the most unique out of the bunch. It features 20 paylines, and by collecting coins, you can get free spins and the final prize – the WowPot.
  • Book of Atem WowPot – Book of Atem is a 5×3 no account casino slot that’s shown a lot of success since its release. It features the bonus wheel, free spins, and a special symbol to trigger the WowPots jackpot bonus.

Benefits of Playing the WowPot Online Slots by Microgaming

The starting jackpot for the WowPot network has exceeded Microgaming’s previous prize pool by two times the amount. Mega Moolah’s starting jackpot is €1 million; therefore, WowPot’s started seeding at €2 billion. This makes it the best Pay N Play progressive jackpot network on the market.

The progressive slots so far are all released in 2020 and have a modern design packed with fancy visuals. The joyful thematic sounds compliment the fancy visuals of every game, making it the real deal. When testing out the games, we were pretty satisfied with how smooth the gameplay was. It’s worth mentioning that all of them are slot mobile jackpots, so you can hit the pot on the go.

No doubt, the most distinctive trait about them is the different ways of how you can trigger the jackpot. On Wheel of Wishes, you have to hit a large wheel symbol when the Power Spin feature is active. On Book of Atem and Sisters of Oz, collecting coins is the way to win. On African Legends, you need to get eight or more consecutive rolls to win the major tier prize.

WowPot Wins To Blow Your Mind

Microgaming Wowpot Jackpot Winnings
WoWpot! winnings for the year.

According to Microgaming’s data, the numbers seem pretty impressive. Here are the general results of jackpot winnings as of right now:

  • Total WowPot jackpot payouts: €18,075,992.
  • Highest WowPot jackpot payout: €327,631.
  • Total WowPot jackpot wins: 665,503.
  • The top WowPot win: €327,631.

Since it was the first game that launched, Wheel of Wishes currently has the most payouts. But millions are being paid out on their other games as well. Here are the current numbers from January 2020 – October 2020:

  • Wheel of Wishes has paid out more than €13.9 million, with 494,442 wins.
  • Sisters of Oz has paid out more than €2.1 million, with 94,322 wins.
  • Book of Atem has paid out more than €1.9 million, with 74,739 wins.

Regarding the prize tiers, the major prize tier has paid out the most, and the mini is right behind it. The numbers are as follows:

  • The total payout for the major tier is €3.3 million, or 42.54%.
  • The total payout for the minor tier is €1.5 million, or 18.11%.
  • The total payout for the mini tier is €3.5 million, or 39.35%.

Overall, we loved everything about this no registration progressive jackpots and we believe you’ll enjoy playing them too.

Best Pay N Play Casinos to Play WowPot Slots by Microgaming

Even though many no registration sites work with Microgaming, not all of them have these WowPot reel machines. Hence, we made a list of the best picks that make sure to pamper new players and offer these games.

Why not hit the jackpot and become a champion with Casino Heroes today? If you want to play at a latest PayNPlay gambling site, then go for TrboNino. Honestly, every of the no account online casinos below are awesome and have one or more WowPot slots.

Best Pay N Play Online Casinos With WowPot Games:

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WowPot Progressive Jackpot by Microgaming FAQs

How is the WowPot triggered?

On Wheel of Wishes, you need to land a big wheel symbol during a power spin. On Book of Atem and Sisters of Oz, you can do this by collecting coins. On African Legends, you can hit the major tier after getting eight or more successive rolls.

What games by Microgaming belong in the WowPot progressive jackpot network?

There were four progressive jackpots at the time of writing, but Microgaming is doing its best to add new jackpot games. These are Wheel of Wishes, Book of Atem, Sisters of Oz, and African Legends. Hitting the PayNPlay WowPot jackpot on each requires a different strategy.

How big is the progressive WowPot?

It started seeding from €2 million, and it currently stands at €8.9 million. This number is the total accumulated jackpot from all wowpot games, and you can win it at any game. How to hit the jackpot depends on the game you’re playing at your favorite no registration casino.

Are WowPot and Mega Moolah the same thing?

Although both of them operate under Microgaming as progressive jackpots, they are not the same thing. They have different slots, and playing Mega Moolah doesn't count towards the WowPot. Basically, these are two different Pay N Play progressive jackpot networks run by the same provider.

Who can play the WowPot online slots by Microgaming?

Everyone as long as they play legally at online casinos that feature Microgaming games. So, if you're old enough, you can start playing at Microgaming casino sites today at no account casinos. Also, keep in mind that PayNPlay is available to players from certain countries like Germany and Sweden. Players from other countries will have to register and then make a deposit.

Do all WowPot slots share the same progressive jackpot pool?

Yes. Every WowPot progressive jackpot seeds the main pool, and you can win it by betting on any game. There's an exception with African Legends, where the only prize you can win is the main one. That’s not too bad, if you ask us.

Can I play WowPot slots at Pay N Play Casinos?

Of course, you can. That is why we're here for. We handpicked 6 of our best PayNPlay online casinos so you can venture slots freely at no ID casinos and hit multimillion jackpots. Some operators are still too slow and don’t features any of the Wowpot slots. That’s why we have our readers covered.

What no registration casinos have WowPot Microgaming slots?

Many no registration casinos don't have WowPot slots. Fortunately, we made a comprehensive list of the top Microgaming no account casino sites where you can play these games. Some of the top brands include Casino Heroes, TurboNino Casino, and Speedy Casino. In this page, we have a few more options for you.

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