Streamlining the Onboarding Process with Pay N Play 2.0

Streamlining the Onboarding Process with Pay N Play 2.0

Key highlights:

  • Pay N Play is a new way to sign up for online accounts without any registration forms.
  • A player clicks “play now” and deposits from their bank account via Trustly.
  • All KYC checks (know your customer) are completed automatically in the background.
  • The latest iteration, Pay N Play 2.0, can reduce the onboarding time to just three minutes in the Netherlands.
  • Trustly plans to roll Pay N Play 2.0 to five other countries in 2023.

Welcome to online casinos, where you can play your favorite games anytime and anywhere. But before you can play, there is usually a lengthy onboarding process that must be completed first. It usually is a bit of a hassle — but not anymore! Thanks to the new Pay N Play 2.0 system, players in the Netherlands can complete their onboarding process in just three minutes. Let’s take a look at how this new system works and how it is revolutionizing online casino gaming for players everywhere.

What is Pay N Play?

Before talking about Pay N Play 2.0, let’s cover what Pay N Play is. Pay N Play is a revolutionary service by the fintech company Trustly. It allows players to register an online account and make deposits using their bank accounts without completing registration forms. All the KYC (know your customer) checks are completed automatically in the background when making a deposit. This significantly reduces onboarding times for casino players while increasing business for online casino companies.

Why Is Onboarding Time for New Users an Issue?

The traditional onboarding process for online casino users is long and drawn out, often causing players to drop off before completion. If a player makes it through the registration process, most will have to wait, in the best case scenario few hours to days to get their identity verified. Online casinos don’t allow withdrawals of any winnings during this time due to anti-money laundering laws. So for many gamblers, traditional ID verification is outdated, slow, and painful.

Streamlined Process

Pay N Play v2.0 by Trustly is designed to streamline the onboarding process, making it faster and easier than ever before for players to get started at an online casino. With this new system, players no longer have to go through lengthy registration forms or wait days or weeks for their deposits and withdrawals to be processed. Instead, they can register, deposit money, and start playing in just a few minutes from any device with internet access. The entire process requires minimal steps and information from players — so simple compared to the traditional ways of ID verification!

Verification Capabilities

It’s not just about convenience. Pay N Play 2.0 also ensures that all players are verified and compliant with KYC regulations when registering for an online casino account. This is done by leveraging advanced technological solutions such as facial recognition technology and sophisticated identity verification systems that help detect fraudulent activity on the platform quickly and efficiently. Pay N Play 2.0 also features additional security features, such as real-time fraud detection algorithms designed to provide even better protection against potential threats or malicious activities on the platform.

 Expansion Plans

The team behind Pay N Play version 2 has ambitious expansion plans, too – they have already planned to lunch their service in the Netherlands and are planning on coordinating global rollouts in five countries by 2023!

Trustly plans to work on adding Pay N Play to the UK, relaunching in Germany, Denmark, Canada, and possibly the USA.

This means that soon more people around the world will be able to benefit from this revolutionary system which makes getting started at an online Pay N Play casino fast, easy, secure, and compliant with all relevant regulations – all without sacrificing any of the fun or excitement of playing your favorite games online! 

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