Trustly’s Scan N Play Makes Deposits Contactless At Land-Based Casinos

Scan N Play Trustly Contactless Casino Deposits And Withdrawals

If you are a fan of Trustly and love its non-registration payment processes, stay tuned. The Swedish banking technology company, after introducing Pay N Play for quick and instant deposits for online casinos, has created a new product for iGaming companies. Scan N Play™ is a system to allow players at land-based casinos to make quick and safe deposits using QR codes with their phones bypassing traditional cashiers and casino ticket kiosks.

What Is Scan N Play?

In 2020 a new logo and brand identity happened to Trustly, making it a big year for them. The company continued with new products for the iGaming industry when it launched Scan N Play, a product intended for retail gaming shops and land-based casinos.

Scan N Play will give supreme customer experience with instant casino depositing and withdrawing. Scan N Play also means instant player verification. Cash is no longer necessary. It is simpler for land-based casinos to reduce cash and card transactions while increasing customer retention rates.

Benefits of Scan N Play?

Even though some countries are far from going cashless, it is clear that we are heading in that direction with open banking technology. Also, the pandemic made life more difficult, including the effects of the closure of land-based casinos. With the new normality of changing things, casino players are looking forward to contactless deposits and withdrawals at casinos. This is why Scan N Play is a great tool that operators can use to ensure their visitors stay safe while gambling in their venues.

There are many benefits of Scan N Play, and we are listing some of them:

  1. Players don’t have to get up from where they are playing to make game deposits – increasing player retention rate.
  2. Because of covid-19, Scan N Play will prevent players from touching cash, so it’s a great way for contactless play.
  3. There is no need to install apps/or add cards to your phone to use at payment terminals as it’s all done through QR codes.
  4. No need to carry around credit cards.
  5. Player’s identity is safe and secure because Trustly makes sure customers are redirected to their banking portal for deposits and withdrawals.

How does Scan N Play work?

The concept of Scan N Play is straightforward, just like how Pay N Play works, but for land-based casinos. You can reach Scan N Play directly from your browser as there is no download or sign-up required. When a player wants to make a deposit, they have to scan a QR code shown at cashier points, gaming terminals, the cage, or table games.

The casino players need a mobile phone, access to their online banking, and an internet connection to make their deposits or request withdrawals.

Players also don’t need to use the account for which they have a credit card because Trustly gives them access to all their funds. This means they choose what banking services to use before making a casino deposit. The transaction is safer for the customer since Trustly will redirect players to their banking portal pages to make deposits.

How can I make Scan N Play deposits?

Making a deposit at a land-based casino with Scan N Play is a quick and easy process. These are the general steps to make a contactless deposit using Trustly’s Scan N Play:

  1. The casino venue will provide QR-codes at table games, cashier points, or any other gaming terminal.
  2. After scanning the QR code provided, the player will be directed to the Trustly page to select a bank account and desired deposit amount.
  3. Then the player needs to undergo a two-step verification, and that’s it.

How do Scan N Play withdrawals work?

Players will receive withdrawals in the same account where deposits are made from. Once a request for a withdrawal is made and the operator completes the process, the money is available in few minutes.

Players have the flexibility to choose a different account for withdrawals. Instant withdrawals will be sent to their chosen bank account.

Scan N Play and Online banking technology

Scan N Play, built on Open Banking Technology, helps operators fulfil their KYC requirements, including responsible gaming checks placed on the player’s account.

Open Banking payments are already popular in Sweden and Northern Europe. Scan N Play is a complete solution consisting of KYC, super-fast payments, reconciliation, and refunds for land-based casinos.

Dealing with cash isn’t always easy, and the demand for cashless and contactless payment methods is increasing. With digital payments, operators can finally leave outdated processes. With Scan N Play, reconciliation isn’t ended like with credit cards since deposits are instant. It simplifies the pay-out process, and there isn’t any lost time for tracking missing payments.

Even though we witness the digitalization of payment processes, cash will be still here for a long time. But, as time goes by, open banking payments will have lower costs and help operators be more efficient and increase players’ conversion rate.

Where can I use Scan N Play?

Scan N Play is a product intended for retail gaming shops and land-based casinos. Now online casino visitors are increasing because of the Covid-19 pandemic. When everything gets back to normal, we expect people to return to land-based casinos to be around people and the entertainment. Then, Scan N Play will take effect. We believe land-based casinos are looking forward to implementing this feature. It will surely bring more customers and ease the payment procedure.

Who Are Trustly?

Trustly is an open banking payment provider from Sweden that delivers no-registration account-to-account payments. It is a secure and straightforward solution for eCommerce, Financial Services, Travel, and iGaming businesses. With Trustly, there is no need for cards, downloading apps, and registration. You can pay and accept payments without registration with Trustly,

We expect that the 6.3K connected banks, 8.1K Merchants, and 525M consumers by Trustly will grow in numbers with Scan N Play.

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