iDEAL vs. Trustly – Is This Dutch Payment Solution Better Than Pay N Play?

iDEAL as a Dutch alternative to Trustly’s Pay N Play

What Is iDEAL?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to deposit cash into an online casino, let us introduce you to iDEAL! iDEAL is a Dutch online payment method that transfers money directly from your bank account to the recipient. It is based in the Netherlands and takes the crown for being the current most popular Dutch online payments system. It is not only used with online shops, between friends and family, but with online casinos too.

What is iDEAL and how it works – official video by Currence

There are many reasons why iDEAL is becoming the number one payment services in the Netherlands. As stated in the 2019 annual report by Currence:

  1. iDEAL grew by 27% as online shopping increased.
  2. iDEAL alone carried 60% of the online purchases made in the Netherlands.
  3. Anyone could scan and pay with iDEAL QR, leading to almost 850,000 payments. Many charities offer this method of donating, which has led to a significant rise in donations.
  4. Just like Trustly uses BankID to verify customers, iDEAL with iDin allows customers to use their bank’s login tools to sign into other business/organizations to verify their age and identify themselves.

Due to its continuously growing popularity, all the major Dutch consumer banks cover it. As a result, most big casino operators have started offering it as a payment option to Dutch players. It is easier to use iDEAL to make instant deposits than the online banking system via traditional bank transfer.  

How Does iDEAL Work With Online Casinos?

The process is as easy as one-two-three! When depositing at an online casino, first select iDEAL as the depositing method and choose your bank. After that, you undergo a two-factor authentication process in your online banking environment.

Once you have confirmed your online banking account information, iDEAL can complete the payment with the entered deposit amount. Your funds will be instantly deposited in the online casino.

There are no extra fees unless your online casino provider requests otherwise. Most online casinos are free of charge, but some may ask for a small insignificant fee. The withdrawal of funds is as easy and fast as the deposit. Unlike e-wallets and traditional bank transfers, there is no need to sign up for additional accounts.

Future iDEAL Features

Some additional features are also in the works. Currence, its developer, is working on extending it with two brand-new functions: iDEAL Scheduling and iDEAL Check-Out.

  • iDEAL Scheduling allows sellers to schedule future payments with the consent of the buyer.
  • iDEAL Check-Out makes it possible for buyers to enter a delivery address without the need to enter this information separately every time.

With such optimization, it is expected that these changes will make the payment method even more efficient.

Is iDEAL Better Than Pay N Play

It is no lie that Pay N Play has revolutionized payment for online gambling enthusiasts. Its motto, ‘Play without delay’, stays true to itself. You can make a swift, few-second purchase without needing to fill out tedious forms. Players can deposit cash into any Pay N Play casino with no need to sign up or pay extra fees. The money shifts from the customer’s bank account into the operator’s account instantly. To add to this, Trustly does not share any personal information with the iGaming websites and provides you with complete protection and security.

Now follows the million-dollar question: which one of these competitors should YOU choose?

Let us consider the benefits of Pay N Play and iDEAL:

  1. Both Pay N Play and iDEAL are free of charge.
  2. No online casino registration required.
  3. Both ask for no personal and sensitive information.
  4. Withdrawal of winnings is easy.
  5. Global top-rated reputable casinos have already adopted these providers as payment options, along with some generous welcome prizes. They abound with a variety of bonuses and free spins!

Still, there is one main distinction between the two. Both of these online payment providers are available in Europe, but iDEAL here faces a drawback.

Pay N Play is available in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands, while iDEAL is limited to the Benelux countries. Unless you live there, you must opt for the former.

All in all, they work in the same concept and serve as a neat online payment option for you as a player.

Bottom Line – Is iDEAL Worth Using?

We come to the big question: is it worth using iDEAL? Let us narrow down the facts: more than half of all Dutch online shoppers have opted for this online payment service. The Dutch also use it to pay for anything and everything: a parking ticket, a coffee, you name it! Its popularity is growing by the minute, and at this rate, we could be looking at a global expansion. Given that ever happens, and it most likely will, iDEAL will become mainstream.

We do not know what the future holds in store, but it looks promising so far. Overall, it is fast, free, and easy to use. As such, it presents a reliable payment method for online gambling fans.


How do you use iDEAL at a casino?

Select iDEAL as the depositing method and then your bank at any online casino that offers iDEAL. Next, you will be redirected to your banking portal where you will need to log in with a two-step authentication process. After a successful login, verify and submit your depositing account. The depositing funds will instantly be available for play at the online casino of your choice.

What is iDEAL payment method?

iDEAL is Netherland's online payment service that allows customers to make online purchases through their banking portal for safe, quick, and easy transactions. It's not only used for online purchases, customers use iDEAL to make donations

Which countries use iDEAL?

iDEAL is an online banking payment method that was created in 2005 in the Netherlands. iDEAL is limited to the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg).

Is iDEAL Better Than Pay N Play?

Both Pay N Play by Trsutly and iDEAL by Currence are online banking payment processing systems. They are a quick way for customers to use their banking portals to make safe and instant purchases or deposits at online casinos. However, Pay N Play is more widely used in Europe compared to iDEAL that is only used in the Netherlands.

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