HooYu -A Quick ID Verification Platform For Casinos

HooYu An ID Verification Platform For Casinos To Use

About HooYu

HooYu is a powerful identity confirmation tool. It helps online casino operators to prevent money laundering, detect signs of fraud, and offer a safe gaming environment. Before accepting a new member, online gambling sites use HooYu to verify the players’ identity. That way, gambling with HooYu is entirely safe and leaves no room for security threats of any kind. 

Use Cases

HooYu has more than 137 years of combined experience in KYC and ID verifications. Everything started with the launching of 192.com in 1996. Eight years later, 192business was launched and served more than 1500 different organizations like HSBC, Dell, and Apple. Experian acquired the company in 2012, and four years later, HooYu.com, HooYu Identify and HooYu Investigate were launched. Today, HooYu is a renowned KYC and customer onboarding seller. It is used by banks, online retailers, iGaming operators like Betfred, and many other organizations. 

HooYu Identify – How It Works

With HooYu Identify, you can confirm a person’s identity within minutes. The process is straightforward, and you only have to complete the following steps:

Step 1: You Invite

A business or person provides HooYu with the person’s phone number or email address, and they will contact them requesting their personal information.

Step 2: They Upload

After HooYu requests the person’s online credentials (an official ID and a selfie), this is the step where they upload the information and wait. 

Step 3: HooYu Verifies

HooYu’s Identity Engine thoroughly analyzes the provided information using hundreds of data points to prove it’s valid. 

Step 4: You Get The Results

Once HooYu is done, they will email you the full ID report, which you can access in your account. 

How to use HooYu (video)

Award-Winning Service 

Despite the global pandemic and all the challenges that the iGaming industry experienced, 2020 was an excellent year for HooYu. We are proud winners of the “Compliance & KYC Supplier of the Year” award at the eGaming Review B2B Awards. But that’s not all. We also won the “Best Customer Facing Technology” award at the Retail Banker International Awards that same year.

These awards only motivated us to work harder and do better. We aimed to provide HooYu casinos with more ways to react to industry challenges. So, we took things a step further and introduced UYC or Understand Your Customer procedure, in addition to the classic KYC process. HooYu’s popularity rapidly increased in the past year, and for a reason. Besides the KYC tech, we also offer the UI and UX layers inside the client’s website to ensure a smooth KYC process. 

HooYu launches German KYC solution

At the beginning of 2021, the German’s Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz (KJM) approved HooYu’s suite of services. Along with the credit bureau Schufa, we support German HooYu gambling sites in meeting the AML and age verification requirements. 

Incorporated by Small Screen Casinos 

HooYu partnership with Small Screen Casinos benefits the operator in more ways than one. We help them meet the regulatory requirements better and to protect all customers. Small Screen Casinos uses HooYu Investigate to discover critical information about each client. HooYu Investigate performs age verification checks, shows connections to addresses, investigates the source of funds, negative financial indicators, and identify problem gambling.

HooYu vs Pay N Play by Trustly

HooYu is an ID confirmation tool that quickly and safely verifies a person’s identity. It performs several different checks using facial biometrics, digital footprints, and ID authentication. With that, it validates the given data while ensuring the safety of all information. The whole procedure must be completed before registering, so if you want to play without verification with HooYu, know it’s impossible.

Pay n Play combines registration with the first deposit. That way, customers don’t have to go through a KYC procedure at the beginning. Instead, the operator will verify their identity when they decide to deposit. If you’re one of those who confuse Pay n Play with HooYu, now you know the difference.

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