Compliance Statement

Pay N Play Casinos is an affiliate marketing business within the online gambling industry. Even though we are part of a sector some might consider taboo, we are serious about our responsibilities toward our readers and affiliate partners.

Pay N Play Casinos is marketed to people over the age of 18+. Therefore, we are committed to complying with all laws, regulations, and codes of practice created by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and the Industry Group for Responsible Gaming (IGRG).

For more information about the UK affiliate marketing laws and regulations, please see the following guidelines and policies:

  • UK Gambling Commission – Advertising / Marketing Rules and Regulations
  • ASA – Gambling Advertising Guidance (non-broadcast and broadcast)
  • ASA – Online Affiliate Marketing

Partner Offers and On-site Promotion Policies

We go above and beyond to ensure that partner offers and any other advertising on Pay N Play Casinos is not misleading to our readers.

With every offer provided on our site, we publish the following qualifying statement:

18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions,

Where applicable, we include specific terms and conditions, such as:

  • Age and Country Eligibility Restrictions
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement
  • Wagering Requirements
  • Betting Restrictions
  • Winning or Withdrawing Restrictions

At Pay N Play Casinos, we try to provide all restrictions, terms and conditions, and promotional information to our reads as best as possible. For more about our work please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

If you are an affiliate partner that wishes to contact us in regards to how your offer(s) is being promoted on our site, then please contact us at

Email Marketing

Pay N Play Casinos partakes in email marketing to keep our readers up to date with the latest promotional partner offers. All readers are invited to sign up for our email newsletter using our form, which uses a double opt-in for explicit consent by the reader.

The double-opt-in feature would prevent email misuse from others if the reader did not want to sign up. The reader must first agree to receive our promotional emails and validate this decision once more before any email is sent out.

If a reader wishes to unsubscribe, an unsubscribe link will be present in the footer of all promotional emails. Further, the reader can find an explanation of why the reader is receiving the email in the first place and where they opted in.

Other Marketing Activities

The Pay N Play Casinos have a limited presence on social media profiles. We do not use SMS marketing, advertisement buying, paid reviews, or any different marketing strategy. For more information see our Disclaimer page.

Responsible Gambling

We are a committed supporter of Responsible Gambling.

Readers will find the BeGambleAware organization in the footer of the website on every page. Furthermore, we have a Fair Play and Responsible Gambling section with information on where our readers can turn to for help if they may be suffering from a gambling problem or know someone who is.